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Where to shop?
Merchandise and Antiques
Wayang golek or wooden puppet is a puppet that is originally from West Java. In early days it was used as a medium to socialized Islam religion. But nowadays it is used to entertain people. The character itself is mostly taken from famous Hindu epic the Mahabharata and Ramayana. They represent a battle among good and evil. Nowadays Wayang Golek has become one of the finest merchandise from Bandung. Dekranasda, Cipacing area and Sarinah are few shops that provide wayang golek. >>more

Where to eat?
•Many Bandung restaurants are more enjoyable in the evening rather than in the day time.
•A lot of Bandung fancy restaurants create beautiful architectural athmosphere and environment to be seen.
•Most of waiters in fancy restaurant speaking English
•Restaurant are generally open until midnight and serve food until 11.00
•There is no rule about tipping: leave 5-10 percent of the bill if you feel the meal and service deserve for it.
•A lot of restaurant in north area of Bandung offers natural surroundings, prepare a jacket or blazer, because the temperature may be a little bit colder.


Where to be entertained?
>>Luxurious Hotels
As a favorite tourist destination, Bandung provides approx. 24,500 hotel rooms, which are divided into different classes. The lowest class is ‘Melati Hotels’ with the price range between IDR 30,000-60,000/ night. The highest class is the 5 star hotels with the price range between IDR 500,00-1500,000/ night. It is recommended to reserve a room in advance if you are coming to the city in the weekends. >>more

>>Historical Hotels
The accurate date of Savoy Homann’s establishment is unknown. However, we know that the oldest part of the hotel was built back 1880. In 1938, the Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel got its new design, the classic art deco. It has been completely restored over the last few years to create an elegant ambience to fulfill guests’ satisfaction. >>more


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