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The Legend of Ciater

Posted on: August 22, 2008

Ciater village is situated….Originally it was a fertile forest area, therefore it was ideal to become a plantation area. Considering such conditions, the Dutch planned the critical of rubber and tea plantations.

To clear the forest was not a simple task at the time due to the prevalent belief in ghost spirits which might disturb human beings. But unexpectedly, there came someone who was willing to clear the forest, his name was Embah Ebos, now known as Eyang Ebos or Embah Ebos (for this reason, it is assumed to be true that Embah Ebos cleared the forest in the area where the plantation and Ciater Village are now a plantation would not be possible without inhabitants). READ MORE

1 Response to "The Legend of Ciater"

naha te aya bahsa sunda anu di welarkeun didieu,,,hiji deui tentang sseni sunda anu berupa kasenian beladiri jeng seni angklung punten dmuat soalna saung anklung udjo oge bagian disejarah

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